Peabody plays ‘A Redder Shade of Rust’

April 24, 2019

All the bells, all the whistles, all the bullshit. That’s what will be on display on Friday 26th April at the Marrickville Bowls Club when we perform our latest album A Redder Shade of Rust in its entirety. We will be joined on stage by a horn section, as well as Tim Kevin and Jamie Hutchings (who recorded, mixed and produced the album) to flesh out all those ear-pricking little parts that make the album so damn good (as if the songs weren’t good enough, right? RIGHT?).

Should you turn up early for the support bands? FUCKING OATH!
The Tall Grass
Andy Calvert

It’s only $10 which is just an insult to you and your social station, but pretty on-par with ours.

Hope to see you there.

Gemini – The film clip

September 25, 2018

Here it is, folks. The new clip for our single, Gemini. Jared thinks it looks like “Daddy taking the weird kids for a ride” and Tristan thinks it looks like we’re “cool detectives who have to car pool”. Enjoy and share irresponsibly.

ALBUM LAUNCH – A Redder Shade of Rust

September 3, 2018

Put yr seatbelts on, dingbats! We’ll be launching our album A Redder Shade of Rust on Friday 12th October at The Lansdowne. This is the same day the album is released. What a coinkidink!

We’ll be supported by Lewis Goldmark, which is the new band for Liam Judson of Belles Will Ring plus another soon-to-be-announced act (hint: not Led Zep).

Here is the facebook event page.

In the meantime, don’t forget to pre-order the album!