Happy birthday to us

March 18, 2014

Hold on to your hats, people of Australia, the Peabody indie-post-punk-rock machine is gearing up to celebrate its 20th birthday. TWENTY!!! Shit we’re old. Yep, it was way back in 1994 that the line-up that was to record their first EP (Hi-Cycle, 1997) played their first gig at the Lewisham Hotel. That line up consisted of Ben Chamie, Bruno Brayovic & Garry Butler on drums. ask a nurse Butler was eventually replaced by Graeme Trewin in 1999 (with a brief stint on the drum stool by Dave ‘Mad Dog’ Farquar), who played on the 2000 EP, Rock, Girls & Computers, as well as the classic albums, Professional Againster (2002) and The New Violence (2005).

Trewin left the Peas in 2007 to pursue a career enriching uranium for Iran, which saw the birth of the current line-up of Chamie, Brayovic, Jared ‘Aquaman’ Harrison on drums and for the first time, a fourth member in the form of Tristan Courtney-Prior (guitar). This line up has released two albums so far – Prospero (2008) and Loose Manifesto (2010), which received 4/5 stars in The Sydney Morning Herald, Brisbane Times & The Age from legendary reviewer, Bernard Zuel.

In our 20 years we’ve had some help from some kind & kindred spirits but have generally made our own way up the shit stream of the music industry using a fork for a paddle, smiling and waving at those in the private bungalows by the side. We’ve managed to put out four albums; play thousands of shows all around Australia (and embark on one very modest overseas tour) as part of headlining tours or supporting bands such as You Am I, Youth Group, Hoodoo Gurus; and play festivals such as the Big Day Out, Homebake, Livid and Come Together on numerous occasions.

Peabody will be playing some very special shows in Sydney and Melbourne to celebrate its 20th birthday. Keep your eyes peeled for details..