All the Bad Girls Tour

November 20, 2011

Holy shitballs Batshmuck, Peabody is releasing its very first vinyl release! Yes that’s right, my funny little hermaphrodites, a split 7-inch single (with Sydney pals ‘Machine Machine’) will be released on 26 November on Peabrain Recordings & Understandation Records.

To celebrate this piece of shitstory the Peas are undertaking a short whistle-stop tour, much in the vein of B.Obama. You can bet security will be tight and budgets will be tighter. We may kiss.

You can buy the single at all Peabody and/or Machine Machine gigs from 26 November or by messaging us via facebook/email/mental telephony. Thanks to Ben Hay for the awesome poster (via the Brothers Fuck doing the cover artwork for the 7-inch single).

Now be gone, my pretties, for I must wax my liver.