Album reviews are GO!

Some reviews for Loose Manifesto are now up on the Press page. My favourite one so far is the one in J-Mag by Josh Jennings, which includes the line “when Loose Manifesto isn’t wallowing in a barren drone, it’s dredging up its own disaffected bile with a shambolic, seething punkish intensity”. I’ll be taking Josh home to meet my mother.

Overall though, some reviewers are totally freaked out by the genius and can’t handle the fact that the album is so diverse and disparate. One particual chum even dares to tell the dear reader that “there is a sense of looseness” across album, with our old friend irony, nowhere to be seen, oh my brothers and sisters!! So here’s a tip for young players….it’s called LOOSE MANIFESTO.

But this  is not a matter for complaint or sorrow. We are grateful for the words of acknowledgement.

Download Loose Manifesto from iTunes

Posted by Bruno on October 7th, 2010

Peas on the radio and on the interworm

Loose Manifesto is the feature album on 2SER 107.3 this week, which means they’ll play it a few times a day and give copies away to 2SER subscribers. It’s also the feature album on TUNE FM in Armidale.

Click on the iTunes link below to download the album


You’ll be able to order the physical copy of the album with a few clicks, very soon. For now you can write to and order it..

Posted by Bruno on October 5th, 2010

Loose Manifesto out today

Ladeeeeeeeez and gentlebobs,

Peabody’s fourth, full-length album of musical songs is out today! Get yourself down to a shop that sells this sort of stuff and buy it. If they don’t have it, please make them order it from MGM (they are the distributors – the catalogue number is PEA 051). You can also buy a digital copy from iTunes.

Reviews for the album are trickling in and I’ll be posting them up on the reviews page (‘cos I’m a logical kinda guy) very soon.

We’ll be playing songs from the album, live at Red Eye Records (66 King St in the City) this coming Sunday at 3pm. Come on down, buy the album, and you’ll still have plenty of time to get to your boyfriend’s place to watch the NRL Grand FInal and play X-box.

As my mate Cocko says, bong on my pretties….bong on. .

Posted by Bruno on October 1st, 2010