Get thee to a pub-eree

Thanks to the Melbourne punters who showed up to our launch last Friday. Wollongong…er… maybe next time.

SYD-ER-NEE – This is your time to shine, baby! The Annandale Hotel will play host to our album launch this Friday night (5 Nov). Supported by Step-Panther, Dictaphone Blues and No Art!

The night will kick off with No Art on at 8pm sharp.

The set will include many songs from the new album, Loose Manifesto, but also a swag of oldies, so wear a raincoat.

Ce communiqué est fini..

Posted by Bruno on November 3rd, 2010

No New Riffs

The video clip for the second single off Loose Manifesto is up on the Video page. Thanks to Miguel Valanzuela and his awesome cohorts for their top work.

In  other news, Peabody awaits contact from Pope Benedict regarding their canonisation..

Posted by Bruno on October 18th, 2010

Boys on film

I’ve put this up on the video page but I thought I’d share it here too. It’s lil’ ole’ us live at Red Eye last Sunday, playing the title track from Loose Manifesto. It was recorded by legendary ex-Peabody drummer, Graeme Trewin. Thanks Graeme, you ginger ninja!

Also on the video page is some live footage of us playing Big Sur in Adelaide (oh, Adelaide).


Posted by Bruno on October 8th, 2010