Thank you very hard for coming to this gig

Peabody and the Go Roll Your Bones will be playing at Spectrum on Friday 28 January. With Spectrum going through some renovations, the gig will actually take place at 34B (same building as Spectrum), so you’ll have to walk in through the Q-Bar.

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Posted by Bruno on January 12th, 2011

Put another ten cent coin in the money-operated phonograph or compact disk player, equipped with pushbuttons for the selection of popular recordings

If we record an album and no one buys it, are we still the 17th-best band in the world? Yes.

Bernard Zuel has given Loose Manifesto a cracking review in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspapers. Curiously, the online versions give it 3.5 stars, while the lofty 4 stars are reserved for the print versions. Maybe it lost quality on the way to the komputah?

Either way, we is not complaining and we welcome this temporary alignment of the stars (4 stars in fact….sorry).

Check out the review on our press page.

Posted by Bruno on January 8th, 2011

78 Peas

The first time we played with 78 Saab was at the famous Punters Club (R.I.P.), Melbourne in December 1997… or maybe January 1998. Since then we’ve shared many stages, although that privilege has diminished over the years as our respective musical stylings have seen us take different directions…or something like that.

But fear not, you pack of bloodthirsty cockhounds, for the Saab and the Peas will once again caress the carpeted floors of the same venue on the same night next Thursday 9 December for the Loose Fortune Xmas Party at the Sando in Newtown.

Also joining us on the bill will be Vegan Mosquitos. Their singer/guitarist once played keys for Peabody and 78 Saab concurrently. Floozy.

So come along and help Peabody and 78 Saab celebrate the end of a good year, as both bands released their 4th albums – Loose Manifesto and Good Fortune, respectively.


Posted by Bruno on December 1st, 2010