Sing Along Festival is go!

Check it out you motherpunters, we’re playing the Annandale Hotel this Saturday night with Screem-fucking-feeder, Dave McCormack, Further, Jamie Hutchings and heaps more. I have nothing more to say, which is a rarity, so enjoy.

Posted by Bruno on July 13th, 2011

Gambling? I don’t know why people work!

Pick the black, setcha back, pick the red, get ahead….that’s gamblin’ talk you idiot! Why am I talking gamblin’ talk? Cos I’s a gambler now. In fact, all members of Peabody will enter the mythical, magical and expensive world of professional gambling when we double-up our chances of becoming rich and famous at Star City Casino on Wednesday 6 July. The Rock Lily is the actual name of the bar we’ll be playing in, but it’s in the luxurious surrounds of Sydney’s famous money-pit. Personally, I think it’s about time we played to our genuine target audience.

The Holy Soul and Royal Chant are the other bands on the bill. This makes us pretty happy. But not as happy as this video of Jared gambling away his house. This could be you after the show!

Posted by Bruno on June 10th, 2011

STOP PRESS: Press stops

Hi there.

Welcome to your life. Pretty good, huh? Ok, so with formalities out of the way, let me tell you about this giglette. It’s not often we play at a venue in Sydney that has been previously untarnished by our corrupted souls/soles, but this is exactly what will happen on Thursday 24 March when we raise high the roofbeam at Tone Nightclub (I don’t think we’ve ever played at a ‘nightclub’ before either). Tone is a new venue found at 16 Wentworth Ave, Surry Hills.

What with Justin Hemmes buying the Excelsior Hotel, you can be assured Surry Hills will soon become some sort of seething haven for cashed up bar-hoppers and reality TV show contestants. It will, in effect, become like a cross between Paddington and….Surry Hills. So come along and bask in what remains of Surry Hills civility. The set will be filmed and aired on the Neon Hearts website.

There will be some Melbourne, Canberra and Newcastle dates announced soon.


Posted by Bruno on March 11th, 2011