Peabody will go Lansdowne on you

“And if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills, the Lansdowne will bring it down”. I’m pretty sure that’s how the Fleetwood Mac song goes. It’s an ode to the pub we will next be gracing with our charm and wit with. The gig is on the 12th day of the 11th month which I think is pretty eerie….ok, so maybe it’s not that eerie, but it’s a pretty big coincidence. Alright, so maybe coincidence is not really apt but you must admit OH FORGET IT! Fine. Don’t come then.

Stay at home and make fucking vegetarian sausage rolls for the engagement party or the bar-mitzvah, see if I care……oh PLEASE come! Yes? I’ll be happy and good and not bring up the awkward. Is this awkward? I don’t even know your name and it’s too late for introductions. Shit. I always get this wrong. This is what mother was talking about.

Oh, the gig…the freakin’ awesome Betty Airs will also be on the bill (these guys will totally make you happy and horny) as well as Go/No Go & New Brutalists.

We promise* not to give you a headache.

Posted by Bruno on November 2nd, 2011

Every rose has its thorn

And it just so happens that Peabody will be the thorn in the side of the Rose of Australia, in Erskineville – a suburb known for its increasing real estate prices and yuppification. But damn it, the Rose is keeping it real so help them keep live music going and help us get paid – we get a cut of the bar*.

*Peabody encourages responsible drinking.

Details below.

Posted by Bruno on September 14th, 2011

Winter Haze – another awesome festival in a pub

Here I sit at the desk of doom, where I normally do pornographic things like my uni work and tax return. But not today – no siree bob. Today I take control of this recalcitrant desk and I do whatever I want. It’s not the boss of me. Look desk, I’m gonna put a beer on you, then I’m gonna drink that beer and now I’m gonna burn you at the stake, like Jeanne d’Arc, and I’ll laugh and point as your walkman and hearing aid melt in this bureau-inferno. Oops, now I have nowhere to place my laptop in order to write the following words: help; dissident; burgeoning; calculator; Tonga.

Pushers and pullers alike, be confused, be alert and be alarmed, for the pitter-patter of proletariat prosperity shall perish in the tiny hands of freedom!!!! Ahhh coffee… we fight, but I always return.


Posted by Bruno on August 3rd, 2011