Day 1 – August 16th, 2004 – THE NEW VIOLENCE STUDIO DIARY

Hey there. Well the first day went pretty well. I’m not gonna write too much as I just got home and have to be back at the studio at 9.30 in the am. Started at 10 today. We had a fella come down to tune my drums up. He did a great job. Well he wan’t just any fella. It was Tim Powels from the Church. I just didn’t want to be a name dropper.

Messed with drum and bass sounds all day and got some tape shortage issues sorted.


Started tracking at about 7.30pm. We’d been warming up all day and were feeling pretty brave so Chamie and I had a go at a few of the more manic numbers. I think the takes we’ve stayed with so far are cracking but it could just be some premature cabin fevered delirium setting in. We have heaps to do tomorrow in terms of laying down the drums and bass.

Tonight we put down the beds for: Au Expose, Synaethesia , Wrecking Ball (in one take), and Got You on My Radar (in more takes than all of pet sounds combined)..

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The Devil For Sympathy

release_the_devil1.jpgTaken from Peabody’s forthcoming album Prospero, we are very proud to present new single The Devil For Sympathy. With an official release date of Saturday 29 September 2007, it’s the first recording featuring new members Tristan Courtney-Prior on guitar and Jared Harrison on drums, some of you may have already heard The Devil For Sympathy on Triple J FM or on RAGE last week, but if not you can hear it at or see the very colourful video on our MEDIA pages..

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The Devil For Sympathy Tour

To support the release of new single The Devil For Sympathy, Peabody will be hitting the road on The Devil For Sympathy Tour. The tour will be kicking off on Friday 5 October at The Lucky Country Hotel in Newcastle, check the TOUR page for details… buy expired domain . is site down ..

Posted by Ben on September 13th, 2007