Loose Manifesto Recording – Day 3, May 1 – 2010

Ok, so I might or might not have ended up at a karaoke bar last night singing Bruce Springsteen and Frank Sinatra whilst drinking VB. Sure, it was slightly irresponsible, maybe even stupid, but at least…. nah, I got nuthin’ so shut up.

Anyway, regardless of the fact that I had to do a lot of singing the following day, I thought I’d have a bit of fun… y’know… warm up the old tonsils a bit.

So did it affect me? Only in the sense that I was awesome. Actually, first things first. I had a bit of a sleep-in to recover from said karaoke (have you been to this Dong Dong Dang or whatever the fuck it’s called? It’s like a detention centre for drunk people) and got to the studio to find the wonderful Nadene Pita laying down some totally sick viola over the top of The Empty Road, It Don’t Matter and The Black Narcissus. I will refrain from any obvious Rome-burning comments here. You know, apparently when Rome was burning, Nero was 56kms away and upon hearing of Rome’s ashy-demise, returned to join the fire-fighting efforts. He also liked ladies’ clothing, but who doesn’t? Well, WHO DOESN’T? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

So then it was onto the aforementioned vocals. Knowing we had to be out of there by about 7pm made us work harder and all 13 songs were sung and dusted in a cool 6 hours. This included Chamie’s famous megaphone-diatribe on Loose Manifesto. To work up the voice into a healthy lather, I staggered the songs from the tamest (It Can’t Be Done), to the most fucked up (Choking), which I sang after eating my famous vegan wrap of razor blades wrapped in sandpaper.

A short, but very productive day 3. Now, onto the night where our charity work feeding the homeless knows no bounds.






Posted by Bruno on May 13th, 2010

Loose Manifesto Recording – Day 2, April 30 – 2010

Day 2 started with a few minor technical glitches, but what’s a recording session without a tape machine growing a brain and deciding to revolt and a computer growing arms and deciding to play the fiddle, while Rome burns, burns, fucking BURNS?

Once that was all sorted out, however, we got down to the business of blowing minds and changing lives. The six remaining songs were knocked off with relative ease. My favourite so far is It Don’t Matter. The chaotic feedback-guitars in the outro sound like a cat being hit with a violin, while Rome burns, burns, fucking BURNS!

Tim Kevin is starting to show signs of mental degradation as he deals with our petty, petty squabbles over what the best take of a song is and whether to have cashew nuts or tofu with our Thai chilli-basil. I give him another day or so before he starts muttering something about all work and no play making Timmy a dull boy.

The end result for the day is that we’re pretty happy with how quickly we got the main parts of the songs down. Tomorrow I start on vocals. Tim’s lovely wife got him tickets for Wilco, which means we’ll have to finish up early tomorrow. His pay will be docked.

Songs finished today:

Mirror Mirror
Loose Manifesto
Already Won
I’ve Been Waiting (we don’t like this name, so email us for other suggestions)
It Can’t Be Done
The Empty Road




sad cunts


Posted by Bruno on May 13th, 2010

Loose Manifesto Recording – Day 1, April 29 – 2010

Hi there good people of the internet.

Well, we’ve just finished day 1 of recording, and after a bit of a slow start, we managed to get cracking and get all the guitar, bass and drums done for 7 songs.

There is no kitchen so I had to hook up the toaster and kettle to the power board which I had my pedals plugged into. A bit of tea with some reverb and some distorted toast goes down a treat. We even waited till the sun went down before wrapping our laughing gear around a bottle of neck oil. Chamie of course, was foaming at the mouth by the time the lid came off the first one, but he quickly retreated into his Bad Boy Bubby corner with his little bass and his disturbing thoughts.

Tim Kevin, our trusty engineer, was a model of sobriety, good taste and humour. His autism is well under control and only swears if sworn to.

Jared and Trix… well… let’s face it… they’re lucky to be in this awesome band so it’s a good thing they were on the money today or I’d be on the phone to the producers of Australian Idol’s Got X-Factor Talent quicker than you could say “you’ll never work in this town again” to get me a couple of replacement saps.

We’ve got 6 songs to go and then it’s on to vocals.

Songs done so far:

The Black Narcissus
When the Government Comes Calling
Take it From Me
No New Riffs
It Don’t Matter

Keep it real, motherfuckers.


Track chart

Toaster pedal

machine machine


Posted by Bruno on April 29th, 2010