Take the skinheads bowling, take them bowling…

Ok, so we’re not skinheads and it’s a different sort of bowling, but regardless, you should know two things.

1. the song I refer to in the heading, is awesome.

2. we are playing a gig at a lawn bowls club, which completes our duology of bowling gigs, having achieved the first leg of this miraculous feat back in 2002 when we played The Alley, which is a ten-pin bowling alley in Brisbane.

petersham bowls june42a


Posted by Bruno on June 7th, 2010

Loose Manifesto – The wrap-up

Loose Manifesto still has to be mixed, mastered, thrown into a volcano along with a maiden fair and a live chicken and then mummified into a plastic container/downloadable file/cardboard sleeve/pianola roll, but as far as we’re concerned, the exciting part of this whole shebang is done and dusted.

We went into the studio again on yesterday to listen to the genius and record some keyboard. The footage below will show you that being in a rock band is not all sticky drumsticks dipped in shoeboxes of cocaine…. it’s mostly sticky drumsticks dipped in shoeboxes of cocaine, but there is a deadly serious side to this caper.

The piano man I ain’t
Tim also had a go on the keys and let me tell you, if Ray Charles was white, from Canberra and wore a flanny, his name would be Tim Kevin.

Until next time, oh slimy net-surfers and wasters of time and youth..

Posted by Bruno on May 17th, 2010

Loose Manifesto Recording – Day 4, May 2 – 2010

This is an exact account of what happened after we finished recording last night. Tim went to see Wilco and got home in a paddy wagon, Trix and Chamie couldn’t see their hands in front of their own faces, and Jared… well, let’s just say he had to be revived with a shot of adrenalin straight to his heart, Pulp Fiction style. Except he is not Uma Thurman and I am not John Travolta… hang on…. nope, I’m not John Travolta. I thought I’d get some rest after doing my nails, reading some Kafka and making the most divine cheese and Amaretto soufflé.

The final day of recording can be incredibly tedious, as there is a lot of faffing about and poncing around. Things to shake, stuff to hit, ‘oohs’ to ahhh and la-di-da. Check out the link below this little diatribe to see Ben, Jared & Trix sing back-ups for I’ve Been Waiting. They sang in tune and their bananas were sliced into some ice-cream, which they scoffed down primitively.

Tim Kevin, by this stage looking like Dan Akroyd in Trading Places, did some beaut harmonies in It Can’t Be Done, while Trix banged his Fender Twin amp around to get that God-awesome spring-reverb that is akin to the sound of someone breaking their brain at the bottom of a cave. As a result This Empty Road is sounding creepy, like your uncle. For this same song, Jared made a mallett made of a drumstick, gaffer tape and a toilet paper roll (with toilet paper still on it). He is the McGyver of indie rock.

This last account of our slap-stick adventures shall be dedicated to possibly the finest moment of the four days. Jared was doing some percussion, when the time came to do some tambourine work on Choking. At this point, Chamie stepped up to the mark, like a batsman walks out to the pitch, needing to hit a 6 off the final delivery of the day for an improbable win. And just like most Australian cricketers, he’d been drinking. Tim – hands steady at the helm – had never heard this part before and sat there expectantly, a lunatic’s smile reaching his face like that of someone who has accepted their fate and lot in life. What followed was possibly the worst, most offensive performance in front of a microphone since anything Van She has ever done. To keep with the cricket analogy, Chamie proceeded to bat like this guy.

Tim’s little smile turned to horror, then disgust, then back to horror as he realised Ben was totally serious in what he was doing.

Thankfully Jared stepped in, accosting Chamie by force and removing him and the offensive tambourine from the premises. Unfortunately, our one-take policy on these things means that his noble actions in the name of taste and decency came too late. Ben’s retarded tambo work shall be forever immortalised in the final 20 seconds of Choking. Buy the album for this, and this alone. It will be worth it.

And that, my furry friends, is how you make a punk rock album.

Ben, Jared & Trix have been waiting, apparently

vocals done




Posted by Bruno on May 13th, 2010