It Can’t Be Done

Listen up, you decadent pigs! While you run around Italy in that filthy white suit of yours, we’re stuck here in these frozen mountains, nursing cheap wine while our dogs go hungry and a legion of nazi lawyers make our lives a goddamn wobbly nightmare!

So to ease the pain, ease the pain, ease the pain, we’re gonna undermine our own popularity (quite the task, I can assure you) and give you worthless scumbuckets some songs to listen to in the lead up to the release of our album Loose Manifesto on October 1.

Every week or so you’ll get one or more songs, until the entire album will be available for streaming in its correct track order. Like that September 11 jigsaw puzzle I still can’t figure out how to put together….I mean, are the towers meant to still be standing in its completed form? Cos if not, that shit’s done.

Here is It Can’t Be Done. A song about a stuntman. It includes the “best guitar solo in a Peabody song” courtesy of my lady-fingers. Eat it.


Posted by Bruno on September 3rd, 2010

Black Narcissus on ye olde radio…e

As we move towards the 22nd Century, fewer and fewer things are certain. Taxes and death will surely be a mainstay, but what of the future of music? I can’t speculate too much, other than to say that Peabody will still be around in the form of one of those glass vats that Richard Nixon’s head lives in, in Futurama.

So now that we know that the future is uncertain, but certainly slight, let’s deal with the present (that’s a tenuous link – ed.).  Peabody’s new single, Black Narcissus has received a couple of spins on Triple J’s Home & Hosed program, so why not contact those lovely people at Triple J and tell them how much you miss Peabody being played on the radio.

Request it on Home & Hosed

Request it from the King himself

Rosie’s Super Request

If you don’t know what you’re requesting… clicky clack on the play button below and watch the whole world disappear.

<a href="">Black Narcissus by Peabody</a>

Posted by Bruno on July 22nd, 2010

Viva España! Viva Peabody! Viva todo el fucking mundo!

Nuestro nuevo album, Loose Manifesto sale a la venta el 1 de Octubre, 2010. Pero antes de eso, les damos la oportunidad de escuchar el nuevo single, Black Narcissus. Son tres minutos de excelencia que no seran repetidos en el mundo musical.

Una gira por los estados del este se realizara en Octubre y Noviembre. Luego despues de eso, supongo que nos estaremos bañando en oro puro, y secandonos con billetes de cien dolares.

Hasta la proxima ves, fanaticos del castigo y la tortura!.

Posted by Bruno on July 13th, 2010