Gemini – The film clip

September 25, 2018

Here it is, folks. The new clip for our single, Gemini. Jared thinks it looks like “Daddy taking the weird kids for a ride” and Tristan thinks it looks like we’re “cool detectives who have to car pool”. Enjoy and share irresponsibly.

ALBUM LAUNCH – A Redder Shade of Rust

September 3, 2018

Put yr seatbelts on, dingbats! We’ll be launching our album A Redder Shade of Rust on Friday 12th October at The Lansdowne. This is the same day the album is released. What a coinkidink!

We’ll be supported by Lewis Goldmark, which is the new band for Liam Judson of Belles Will Ring plus another soon-to-be-announced act (hint: not Led Zep).

Here is the facebook event page.

In the meantime, don’t forget to pre-order the album!


New Album – A Redder Shade of Rust

August 30, 2018

Peabody’s new (and 5th) album, A Redder Shade of Rust will be out (if anyone uses the word “drop” I’ll kick ’em in the subconscious) on ABC Music on Friday 12th October and you can pre-order the little sucker now. Just quietly, IT’S AN AMAZING FUCKING ALBUM!


For now, our new single GEMINI is available at all yer fancy streaming services. Go and have a listen now. Video for said song available soon. Watch this espacio for more communiqués from the Peabody Rock Band Explosion. Happy Fry-deigh. xx