Loose Manifesto out on Friday…freaky friggin Friday, I tells ya!

Peabody’s 4th album, Loose Manifesto is out this Friday 1 October. So here are the remaining three songs for your perusal, judgement and critique.

This Empty Road is the opening song of the album and It Don’t Matter is the chaotic end to Loose Manifesto, while No New Riffs will be the next single. In fact we finished shooting a film clip for said song in the wee hours of this morning.

So get thee to a shop this Friday and BUY BUY BUY like it’s 2007 and we are not on the edge of a breakdown in the social fabric due to economic mismanagement by big business/nation states intent on borrowing money that doesn’t actually exist! I need a drink.


Posted by Bruno on September 29th, 2010

More Peasongs on the internerd

Time being what it is, Loose Manifesto’s release date is getting closer and closer. And it dawned on my yesterday that I still have six more songs to upload before October 1. So this week you get three songs, which is more than one and two, but not more than one plus two. Catfish?

Dead Head, I’ve Been Waiting and Already Won. Make of them what you will, oh grasshopper.

<a href="http://peabody.bandcamp.com/track/dead-head">Dead Head by Peabody</a>

<a href="http://peabody.bandcamp.com/track/ive-been-waiting">I&#8217;ve Been Waiting by Peabody</a>

<a href="http://peabody.bandcamp.com/track/already-won">Already Won by Peabody</a>

Posted by Bruno on September 23rd, 2010


A couple of reviews have been added to the press page.

The AU Review reviewed (that reads badly – ed.) Black Narcissus, while The Vine described Mirror Mirror as “a brooding, reverby, six-plus minute mood piece that cares not about waiting until the four minute mark to explode into one of the finer anti-guitar solos of recent times.”

Famous? Yes..

Posted by Bruno on September 23rd, 2010