Day 4 – August 19th, 2004 – THE NEW VIOLENCE STUDIO DIARY

Most of today was spent doing guitars which can be a lot of fun, but can also be quite frustrating. Okay, let’s get the nerdlinger, “gear” part out of the way. I used two amps, run simultaneously (that means “at the same time”). One was my 1965 Fender Bassman and the other was Yamiv Finklestein’s Orange, running through Josh Morris’ Bandmaster box.

They both sounded like we were playing at Wembley. We had quite a lot of problems with noisy pedals and amps. I think something in the wiring of the studio was giving it an extra “buzz”. Anyhoo, we got through those little problems and proceded to rock. I layed down guitars for pretty much all the songs, with my favourite being Wrecking Ball. I used my trusty Rickenbacker for that.


Nothing much more to tell… the new Jazzmaster got used on a couple of the more “indie” sounding tunes. While the SG was used on Got Your Hooks In, for that “AC/DC meets the Pixies” feel..

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Day 3 – August 18th, 2004 – THE NEW VIOLENCE STUDIO DIARY


Day 3 has gone along a lot better than yesterday, in terms of productivity and overall “vibe”.

We finished tracking drums and bass on The New Violence and Got Your Hooks In. They were done in the larger outer room at Razors Edge studios for a bigger roomier sound and it sounds pretty cool. Then we started tracking guitars on Killing Ira, Got You On My Radar, Au Expose and Wrecking Ball. Jamie and Trumpy, Producer and Engineer respectively thought we should get Lemmy to do vocals on Wrecking Ball. Dickheads.


Finished the evening with a few beers which when you pour a bit of Stone’s Ginger Wine into the bottle with the beer you get an alcoholic and yet therapeutic to the vocal chords elixir of good health – ching ching!.

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Day 2 – August 17th, 2004 – THE NEW VIOLENCE STUDIO DIARY

Well, today was a bit frustrating. The “vibe” wasn’t fantastic and we were taking a little longer to lay down the drums and bass for songs we regarded as relatively simple. Let this be a lesson to all young punk rockers. Having said that, the takes we finally got were really good, so even though it took a while, I’m glad the final result was a good one.

Trumpy and Hutch were up to their usual antics and the lovely Josh Morris came in to take some happy snaps – as he has on most days.


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