The album to end all albums

“Hey there you with the sad face, come up to my place and live it up”

Do you think when Mental as Anything sang that, what they really meant was, “hey there you with the sad face, come up to my place and I’ll slip you a rohy, slice you open and steal one of your kidneys, which I’ll sell on the black market – the same black market you’ll find yourself on when you turn to prostitution to support the drug habit you’ll inherit after the whole ‘kidney’ ordeal gets too much to cope with”…. or is that just me? And don’t even get me started on what I think “boom boom boom let’s go back to my room” really means.

Now, if there’s a bustle in your hedgerow, don’t be alarmed now, it’s either:
a) just a spring clean for the may queen;
b) a bad case of ebola;
c) a sense of excitement at the thought of Peabody recording A NEW ALBUM!!

If you picked (c), then you’re on your way to winning the food processor and leopard-print lounge set! If you picked (a) you’re a smartarse and if you picked (b) you should move to Adelaide or Canberra.

That’s right music fans and other assorted biscuits, we is going into the studio to record our fourth album, which we will name Loose Manifesto. When I say ‘studio’, what I mean is a tiny shack in Waverton with our good friend and engineer Tim Kevin of La Huva to record 13 songs onto an 8-track tape machine…. in fact, the same tape machine that Nirvana used to record Bleach.

We’ll be posting updates via farcebook/fuckwitter/smoke signal.

Finally, check out the view from the studio. If only we had any windows.


Posted by Bruno on April 27th, 2010

Peabody named one of the artists of the decade

Thank Crud for Conroy’s proposed internet filter! Hopefully when that’s fully functional, we will no longer have cyberspace polluting our youth’s minds with filth such as Nine MSN and this..

Posted by Bruno on April 1st, 2010

Peabody, The Maladies, Atticus & Ya Aha – In Love @ The Sando

Come and catch Peabody’s last gigstein before they head into the studioberg in late April to recordengutten their fourth albumstag!

The Sando’s new big room needs a bit of grit, and let’s face it, as good as the Go No Go/Vegan Mosquitos/Alphabet Cities gig will be the night before, it’s hardly going to put hair on anyone’s chest. Fairy floss all round at that one.

Supported by The Maladies, Atticus (yes, they of the old Sando days) and Ya Aha, this gig (Sat 27 March) will kick your arse into next year and make you join the army!

Sando Flyer copy.

Posted by Bruno on March 10th, 2010