March for rock

March. What a month. Among other historical events to have occured in this month, it also happens to be the month of my birth – a historical event in itself. March 2008 sees Peabody do something. Gigs. Check out the tours page for the latest dates with our pals, Sounds Like Sunset.

These will be co-headlining gigs which means we will genuinely be tossing a coin on the night to see who plays last and assumes the status of “hero”. Gold and virgins will be showered upon said heroes. Be gone now, for it is the still of the night that irks me so, like your deadly silence before you break my heart. I’ve said too much.

Don’t forget to check out the U-Sync site to buy the entire Peabody back catalogue – either in physical or digital formats. Scroll down for a direct link..

Posted by Bruno on February 25th, 2008